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We specialise in the design, installation and service of fire sprinkler systems and use our vast experience in delivering unrivaled customer satisfaction.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

Fire Sprinkler System Design

All our fire sprinkler systems are designed by qualified staff and comply with the British Standard BS9251. Our design engineers use the latest hydraulic calculation software to ensure that the minimum system design parameters are met whilst keeping flow and pressure requirements to the minimum possible.


Fire Sprinkler Installation

Our engineers are experienced and fully familiar with a variety of installation techniques and procedures. To minimise disruption in occupied and operational dweliings we communicate the scope of work with all clients and are fully prepared to make variations to that scope to fit in with our clients needs.


Fire Sprinkler Service

We offer a comprehensive and reliable maintenance service to all domestic and residential sprinkler systems – it’s a mandatory requirement that systems are serviced and maintained by approved contractors. Our engineers are fully trained in all types of maintenance procedures for these systems.

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Based in Abergele, North Wales and covering North Wales and the North West of England

How Do Fire Sprinkler Systems Work?

Domestic and residential sprinkler systems are connected to a water supply and neatly concealed within the ceilings and walls of a property. The fire sprinklers themselves are fitted with a gas bulb that reacts to hot air and gasses by expanding and eventually breaking the bulb. At this point the fire sprinkler systems are activated and water droplets are released which are large and heavy enough to control the core of the fire without evaporating.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Explained

Domestic and residential fires are more common than people realise. They can be caused by a number of factors from faulty wiring and candles to overloaded extension cables and just a minutes inattention from a stove burner.

Over the course of a single day the statistics below, make for some pretty shocking reading. What’s worse is in the majority of cases the emergency services will be called to homes which have no domestic sprinkler system installed.

  • 44 people will be injured as a result of fire
  • 2 people will die as a result of fire
  • The fire brigade will respond to a total of 2,880 fire alarm calls.

While every home and business owner who has fire alarms installed in their property may be thinking this is enough to keep them safe, it simply isn’t. Fire sprinkler systems work better than any other fire protection system on the market today, which makes their installation essential.

While fire alarms do nothing to control a fire, a domestic sprinkler can be activated within seconds of a fire starting, which means it is smothered by water from the sprinkler system, leaving it little time to get out of control.

It’s important to note that the majority of fire related injuries and deaths in the UK every year are as a result of smoke inhalation. Domestic sprinklers are the only preventative fire safety equipment available that cut through the smoke and poisonous gasses before they have a chance to rise. A smoke alarm in comparison makes occupants aware of the fire, but does nothing to control or tame it. If the device fails to wake sleeping occupants of the property immediately, by the time it has the fire is often out of control and people in the building are breathing in smoke and harmful gasses.


Many property owners are reluctant to consider domestic fire sprinkler systems for fear of the water damage it may cause to their properties due to a false alarm. It’s incorrect to believe that the whole sprinkler system will activate if heat is detected. The truth is the modern domestic fire sprinklers are designed to be activated individually, which means that only the sprinkler heads in the immediate vicinity of the fire will be activated.

While fire alarms often go off and sound accidentally for a number of reasons, it’s virtually impossible for this to happen with a fire sprinkler system as it’s activated by concentrated heat only, which can only be produced by fire.

How Much Water Does A Domestic Sprinkler System Use?

The simple answer is a lot less water than the fire brigade use to control and put fire out. Many property owners are under the impression a sprinkler needs and uses a large water supply, which is incorrect.

Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems Will Look Ugly and Unattractive in My Home

Developments in sprinkler systems have meant they are now designed to blend in with your home decor. Modern Fire Sprinklers are designed to sit neatly within ceiling voids and walls with only a discreet cover plate on show.


AMP Construction

"We contacted NW Fire Sprinklers for advice on some upcoming projects and were impressed with their level of knowledge and understanding of systems and processes. A reliable and professional company which we are looking forward to working with on future developments."

Darren Ryder - 101 Acoustics Ltd

"Many thanks to the guys at NW Fire Sprinklers for their knowledge and professionalism. Being on a private water supply raised a few questions with the design and installation, but the knowledge and expertise of the team allowed us to put a system in place in a “challenging” oak framed build. The guys were a pleasure to work with, even though the job was far from straight forward. I can thoroughly recommend them "

D.W. Cummings Ltd

"The team at NW Fire Sprinklers took care of everything - from design and calculations right through to the installation and commissioning of the sprinkler systems for our prestigious development in Pwllheli. Their professional engineers kept me fully briefed throughout the build process - I would highly recommend them."


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